Biscuit's Commissions

Prices and tos

☆ OPEN ☆


Base Price: $4

Small character drawing on a 250x250 px canvas. Comes unshaded with one character. Shading and/or extra characters can be added for an additional cost.

More examples


Base Price: $25

A Single character headshot drawing on a 1500x1500 px canvas. Comes with shading and a simplistic pattern background. Extra characters and/or elements can be added for additional costs.

More examples

Character Art

Base Price: $15

A fullbody character drawing. Comes on a transparent background. Shading, extra characters and background elements can be added for additional costs.

More examples

Rendered Scene

Base Price: $50

A single character drawing that lives within a scene. Comes with a fully fleshed out background and detailed shading. The price may vary depending on character amount and scene complexity.

More examples

Animated Loop

Base Price: $25

An animated GIF. Price may vary heavily based on what is wanted.


For other inquires on any other type of art I can do for you, please contact me with what you might be interested in.
Some more examples may include, but are not limited to: character & outfit designs, reference sheets, sketches, longer animated pieces, and patterns.

Contact Me

For questions on commissions or any business inquires, please use any of the following platforms to contact me, or direct message me on DISCORD (Biscuit#1000). You may also fill out the email form below for convince.

Order Form

When ordering, please give a detailed description of what you would like and give links to character references.

Background tile © howlinkiro.
All characters used in example belong to their respective owners.

Terms of service

What I Will Draw:

-Any species (real and fictional)
-Any gender
-Couples of any sexuality
-Some Gore
-Mild Nudity/NSFW (This will have a mild additional cost depending on intensity)

Please feel free to ask me about anything else!

What I Will Not Draw:

-Hateful/Offensive works
-Extreme NSFW

Rules/Things to Note:

By commissioning me you are agreeing to everything listed below:

-You must be at least 13 years of age to commission anything from me (Or have written guardian permission).

-You must be at least 18 years of age to commission any NSFW art from me.

-I have the right to reject or refund any commission.

-I need a visual character reference to work off of. I will not work with written descriptions, unless it is a design commission.

-You are allowed to reupload/post/use the art you commission on any website; just please do not claim it as your own.

-I will work off the character refrence you give me. If your character has an update in design while I am working on your commission, it is your responsibility to let me know of this before I finish. Otherwise, there will be extra fees to then get those changes fixed if I am not alerted beforehand.

-For larger pieces, I will give you a sketch to approve before continuing. If something needs fixing, please let me know at this time.
(If I do not give you a sketch to approve, I will be willing to make any necessary fixes after the piece is completed.)

-It is possible I will upload the art to my DevaintART account or other art social medias, as well as my personal website and portfolio. If you wish for your commission to stay private and not be uploaded to any/all of these platforms, please let me know of this before I finish.


-Payments will only be accepted through Paypal in USD.
(On occasion, DevaintART points, gift card codes, gifted Steam games, or other arrangements can be accepted as payment.)

-Payment must be given in full before I will start a commission, unless otherwise discussed.

-I will not give full refunds after a commission is already completed.